Google Store Financing

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Use Google Store credit & promotional balance


Google Store Financing you can use the Google Store. Promotional and credit balance to create purchases in the Google Store. You cannot use it for alternative products such as Google Play.


Get credit

Google Store Financing

Google Store Financing credit is granted after exchanging the recent Nursing. The associate devises through the Google Store. You may jointly receive credit from the Store. If someone buys you a tool and you decide to return it (within fourteen days or receive it).


You may receive a promotional balance regarding alternative promotions in the Google Store. Each unit of the Stores. Promotional and credit balance area maintained in your Google Pay account.




  • If your accessible credit covers your entire order. The number is subtracted from your balance.


  • If your accessible credit does not hide your entire purchase. Use an accepted payment type for the remaining balance.


  • The credit cannot be transferred to friends or family, To totally different accounts. Or to totally different payment profiles in AN account.


  • The credit will be used only in the region where it was obtained absolutely. And cannot be used for purchases in several regions.


Check Google Store Financing balance


Go to Google Store settings

Go to the payment screen. If you have store credit or promotional balance in the market. You will see the option to use that amount in your Google Pay account.


Use account balance


You can use your store’s credit and promotional balance to buy something from the Google Store. You cannot use or transfer your Store credit to different Google products or services. Or lives (unless it is erroneously required)


To use your Google Store account balance for your order. On the payment, the screen marks the checkbox next to. “Use your promotional balance.”


Google Store Financing

Pay for your Google Store purchase over time

Important: You want to sign in to a Google account to use the Google Store data below.


At the end of the purchase. You may see a monthly payment option that can be obtained with funds from the Google Store. You can request such financing and if approved. Use your new account to buy it over time.



Important: Google Store financing could be a master card issued and maintained by the temporary relations bank. For any questions about your terms or conditions or any special financing offer. Make a decision about the Bank’s temporary relationship at 866-794-8802.


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